John Drahos
Owner of Corvette Conspiracy

John has over 40 years custom Corvette
building experience.



Derek Oberlander

Derek graduated from the Wyotech PA Campus in 2005 and has worked for Corvette Conspiracy for over 6 years.



Will Robb

Will graduated in the class of 2002 from the Wyotech WY Campus. He's been with Corvette Conspiracy over 3 years.



Sara Lynch-Drahos

Sara organizes all Corvette Conspiracy's events, as well as coordinates the shop's marketing, and advertising.



The Dyno Man

Steve has worked with Corvette Conspiracy helping to tune cars for years.



Larry Woods
The Top Guy

Larry has been providing Corvette Conspiracy with his quality tops for years.



Ed Roethel
The Body/Paint Man

Ed has been doing his quality body and paint work for Corvette Conspiracy as long as the shop has been around.



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